Kykkos Natural Mineral Water

Δίνουμε νέα ζωή

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Δίνουμε νέα ζωή
A journey through History

Its journey began in 2002, in the heart of the Kykkos forest, where the beauty of nature has remained unchanged over time. Since then, it continues to provide us with the highest quality water straight from the source.

Superior water quality straight from the source

In the heart of the Kykkos forest, surrounded by trees and nature, you will find the KYKKOS Natural Mineral Water production plant. Our dedication towards offering the highest quality of water to the consumer, was recognised and we managed to receive international awards for its taste and quality.

The most precious gift of nature

Water plays a fundamental role for the human body with up to 60% of body weight being water. It also performs important functions, such as the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells, regulating body temperature and lubricating joints.

Close to our hearts

Making use of the momentum of the previous year and always aiming to maintain and strengthen people’s awareness regarding the value of the protection of the forests, we launched the campaign “Close to our hearts”. The campaign was streamed on television but its focus was the initiative entitled “With all your heart” which took place online. Through this activity, we invited people to visit and plant their tree online to enter a draw for a chance to win valuable prizes. The aim of the campaign, which received great success for yet another year, was to inspire the world to cultivate their love for nature.